Sundance Supply - Lower Cost Cap & Trim Greenhouse Install System - White & Bronze Aluminum
--------For Small to Medium Greenhouse Projects Using Multi-Wall Lexan Polycarbonate.
Freestanding Greenhouses


Attached Greenhouses
Metal Tube Frames
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Type of greenhouse (Attached or Freestanding)
Size of structure from Greenhouse and Sunroom Plans & Material Lists
Thickness of polycarbonate - 8, 10, 16 or 25mm - the thicker the sheet, the greater the insulation & cost.
Color of polycarbonate - Clear, Softlite (frosted look, 100% diffusion) White/Opal for orchid greenhouses.
Color of Aluminum Trim Components ( Bronze or White - 8mm U-Profiles "Only White" )
- Install Details and Basic Instructions For Design & Install
  • 1).Sheet Joining --------Framing Guide & Install Manual - Crucial read for successful install. 1---
  • 2).Lower Edge of Walls U-Profile can be used to close poly edges at top & end of walls.
  • 3).Eave Detail *
  • 4).Wall Corner
  • 5).Roof Corner ---- Roof Corner with overhang *
  • 6).Gable End to Existing Wall *
  • 7).Lean-To Ridge *
  • 8).Freestanding Ridge (Gable Type) *--- Shed Style *
  • Trim Photos & Drawings -------Frame Layout -------Trim Specfied -------Screw Counting-
  • Polycarbonate Install Information below.-
  • 9).Trim Install Notes & Frequently Asked Questions
  • 10).Layout Over Frame for spacing of framing members.
  • 11).Cutting and Installation Guidelines
  • 12).Positioning & Attachment
  • 13).Framing Guide and Install Manual in Adobe Acrobat
  • * Silicone required in these areas "only". ----------
    No silicone under Cap. Silicone at joint of 2 Caps. Silicone also used to close See Ends of Cap.
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